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Education Initiative

Our mission is to empower and support children and young people to learn about money management at school and during their further education to provide them with financial life skills.   

We truly believe the teaching of good financial management has the power to change students’ lives for the better and that giving the next generation access to financial knowledge, skills, mentoring and industry opportunities is vital to allow them to plan for a bright and successful future.   

Through our community based programmes, we aim to offer our services to give free financial awareness information to all members and sectors of the community on an impartial basis, the things we see and learn about money in childhood and adolescence can have long-lasting consequences and given the right information and support can lead to positive life choices.    

The next generation is our future and we need to equip them for the challenges that life and today’s fast-moving work environment may require them to adapt to. Red Dot would like to offer support to schools by ensuring our financial education learning practices fit into school timetables and requirements.    

We have a created an unique education and skills hub for schools, parents, pupils and the wider community which is free to access and includes a range of all things financial which are designed to help you at different life stages. The activities, worksheets, games and lessons are easy to understand and deliver, vary in session lengths to meet each school’s and further educational establishments requirements in line with the national curriculum.

Our mission is to ensure every child or adolescent receives a meaningful financial education, no matter what their needs or circumstances.

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