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How the programmes work


We will provide clear and concise information with no gimmicks, in a format that is easy to understand, it will be written to encourage further discussion in order to expand the individual’s knowledge base. 

Pupils will have free access to our on-line tools which will be available through our bilingual website and app, we believe that relevant information should be freely available to all individuals at a time that is best suited to their own style of learning. 

All of our resources can be used and delivered online through the Red Dot education hub and can be used in schools and at home. The resources can be presented by teachers, support staff, business collaborators and also the pupils themselves to help build and develop their financial knowledge ready for the world of work and beyond.

We want to ensure that we can provide our financial awareness initiative in various formats to ensure that all individuals can feel included in our initiative meaning they can be viewed online and printed as worksheets.


By participating in our programme pupils/students will have access to Red Dot staff, individuals from both the private and public sector along with our business collaborators. There may also be the opportunity to hear from various sporting ambassadors throughout these programmes. You will have the opportunity to engage with and use a wide range of resources both classroom based and virtually. 

What are the benefits to each school / college? 

Our assistance with providing your pupils/students with life skills, and our availability to attend careers events along with our business collaborators. Access to our website and on-line learning resources free of charge. 

There is also an unique opportunity for schools to sign up and participate in our Rewards Scheme, whereby Red Dot (Cymru) Ltd will provide the school/college with £40.00 for each selected policy taken out with Red Dot by any individual who is associated with that school/college or group.

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At Red Dot our duty is solely to you- our client. We can help you, your family and business with expert independent financial planning and take the time to understand your needs and goals. Planning for your future and building your wealth, protecting you and your loved ones and your business, is what we do. To see how we can help, please contact us today.

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