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Life stages

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The education years

Financial planning for every stage of your life 

We believe that learning good financial management has the power to change students’ lives for the better. Getting access to financial knowledge, skills, mentoring and industry opportunities is vital to allow you to plan for a bright and successful future. 

You may not have too much money at this life stage, but if you are receiving or earning a little, it is never too early to start to understand about the importance of budgeting. This is the most critical money management skill for later life and will help you as you plan to pursue further education, employment or set up your own business and leave home.

We understand that spending can often be greater than income during this period, and through our financial education programme we will help you to get a better understanding of your finances and how this can help you. Saving and investing is often for the long term, so having a specific financial or life goal in mind will help.

One of your goals may be to start to save, paying for further education or buying and insuring your first car or home, including understanding the importance of building a good credit history. You have time on your side and with help from the Red Dot team, we are here to assist you each step of the way.

As your income increases or decreases, it is a time to understand your own financial situation and decide on some key goals. This way your money will start to work for you, consider your savings vs your goals and you may also start to look at some of those bigger life purchases such as your first home, car, alongside insurance’s required to keep you and your purchases fully protected.

This is the ideal time to seek independent advice from experts to understand how you can turn those goals into reality.

Visit our Education pages to find out more and join our new programme today

The Red Dot mission is to help you plan and prepare for a bright and successful future, with financial planning advice and education to help you live the life you desire through our range of community lead initiatives designed for people of all ages.

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How we join the dots

Our 6 stages to financial success:

  •   Step 1

    Identify your current financial situation

  •   Step 2

    Work with you to define your financial goals

  •   Step 3

    Assess your current financial situation

  •   Step 4

    Provide individual personal financial analysis

  •   Step 5

    Recommend and implement your financial plan

  •   Step 6

    Meet annually to re-evaluate and monitor your plan

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Contact us today

At Red Dot our duty is solely to you- our client. We can help you, your family and business with expert independent financial planning and take the time to understand your needs and goals. Planning for your future and building your wealth, protecting you and your loved ones and your business, is what we do. To see how we can help, please contact us today.

We can conduct our business from a distance via Telephone, Zoom, Skype, Email, Post and in person at any of our offices or an address of your choice. Please fill in our online form and we will get back to you.

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