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Wealth & Investments

At Red Dot, we can help you make informed decisions about the investment choices that are right for you by assessing your life priorities, goals and attitude towards risk for return.

Whatever your goals, we will select what we believe to be the most suitable investment options from the many thousands available in the marketplace. We are committed to helping as many individuals as possible with their investment needs and requirements.

We listen to you and your requirements to help you find the best solutions. Our client base varies from first-time investors (as you do not need to have a large lump sum put aside to start investing), long-term savers and high net worth clients and businesses.

Some of the Wealth and Investment services we can help you with include:


An individual savings account which lets you save or invest money up to a certain amount each year without paying tax on your returns. 


Gives you the potential for medium to long-term growth on your money. This is usually over 5-10 years or more, along with fund management expertise. 


Build on your own diversified portfolio and choose from a wide range of funds, shares and other investments

Deposit Based Investments (Cash Savings)

A range of accounts which hold your funds with banks and building societies. 

Trustee Investment

These are accounts such as shares, gilts, corporate bonds, or collective investments

Children’s Savings

There are a few variations, but mostly they’re simple, safe cash accounts that usually pay some interest.

Unit Trusts

A unit trust is an open-ended grouped investment product with a dedicated fund manager.

OEICs (Open Ended Investment Companies)

These offer a professionally managed portfolio of pooled investor funds, including different equities, bonds and other securities.   

Life Assurance Investment Funds

A life fund is a portfolio that can be made up of stocks, bonds, cash and alternatives, into which policyholder’s life assurance premiums are paid, and claims are paid out of.  

Ethical Investments Including ESG

This invests globally and with a strong ethical policy into companies with well-known brands.

While investing with Red Dot, you will have a dedicated adviser on hand to assist with all aspects of investments, and we aim to build a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with you and your family.  

We also offer ongoing advice for our clients, which includes:  

• Structured reviews to give you peace of mind
• Assessment of your circumstances and any amendments which may be needed to your plans
• Regular updates and information regarding your holdings
• A choice of differing levels of support depending on your needs
• Ongoing support with correspondence and administration issues

Getting started

Before you begin, there are some important points to consider. You will need to ensure that you have ready access to a cash fund to cover everyday living expenses and unforeseen expenditure.

Successful investing is all about adopting a longer-term view, which includes introducing an element of risk to your money. Investing involves diversifying your risk by spreading your investments across different sectors and markets, giving your money the time to grow.  

What we mean by investments

Investing in its simplest form is when you buy something that you hope will increase in value over the years. For some people, investing is about growing their money for the future; for others, it is about generating an income they can access now. The value of investments (including property) and the income derived from them may go down as well as up, and you may not get back the amount originally invested. 

Putting a plan in place

There are lots of choices when it comes to investing. Therefore, deciding what you would like your investments to achieve, and over what timescale, is essential, as it will help in determining where to put your money.  

Whether you are new to investing or have taken advice in the past, we can recommend an appropriate strategy for you. We will explain the important features and different types of investments to you. We understand that taking the decision to invest money can seem like a major step, but with our help and expert advice, we can arrange a portfolio based on your needs.  

The value of investments and the income derived from them may go down as well as up, and you may not get back the amount originally invested.

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At Red Dot our duty is solely to you- our client. We can help you, your family and business with expert independent financial planning and take the time to understand your needs and goals. Planning for your future and building your wealth, protecting you and your loved ones and your business, is what we do. To see how we can help, please contact us today.

We can conduct our business from a distance via Telephone, Zoom, Skype, Email, Post and in person at any of our offices or an address of your choice. Please fill in our online form and we will get back to you.

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