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Personal & Business Protection

Each of us have life stages where things change; therefore, protecting you and your loved ones is essential to ensure that you have the proper protection in place. 

There are a variety of different policies available that can protect us in the event of critical illness, injury or even death.

Personal Protection Insurances

We offer a wide range of protection tailored to your individual and family needs


A policy that could help your loved ones keep up with financial commitments after you die. 


A policy that could provide a lump sum payment if diagnosed with a specific critical illness condition. 


Replace a proportion of lost earnings due to ill health or injury.

Mortgage Related Protection

A wide range of policies that can be put in place to cover the mortgage balance or the repayments.

Medical Insurance

Cover the cost of private medical treatment.

Income Benefit

A monthly income designed to pay out after a loss of life.

Protection Plans

A monthly benefit used to pay the rent if you became ill or injured and were unable to work.

Of Life

Life assurance policy with no end date and a guaranteed death benefit.

Find out how much Life Insurance you need with Red Dot

Answer a few questions around your circumstances to find out how much life insurance you need and just how affordable it can be! You can then request to speak to one of our expert advisers to discuss further.

Business Protection

Life & Health Insurance for key members of your business

Key-Person Cover

Insuring the key members of your business to help facilitate the cost of the loss to your company.

Relevant Life

A tax efficient life insurance policy for your company to offer a death in service plan to all staff and directors.

Group Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

Private medical insurance is a highly valued benefit for staff and your company that can provide quality treatment for a speedy return to work. 

Partnership Cover

Insurance allowing your business to purchase shares of the business back from a deceased partner or partners.

Business Loan Protection

Helps your business pay an outstanding overdraft, loan or commercial mortgage, should the guarantor die or become terminally ill and life expectancy is less than 12 months, or critically ill, if chosen, while the plan is in place.

Share Protection

Helps you as a business owner buy out the shares of a partner or director who has died or becomes terminally ill and life expectancy is less than 12 months, or critically ill, if that option is chosen, while the plan is in place.

Group Income Protection

Income protection payable to your business to cover the costs of enhanced sick pay for individual employees who are unable to work due to sickness or incapacity paid for by the business.

Tradesman Protection

Tradesmen insurance is a type of business insurance that provides specialised cover for the hazards and risks involved in working in a trade. It offers varying levels of cover for legal costs as well as equipment and tools related to your work and accidents that happen to you or another employee.

Whilst arranging life insurance may not be at the top of many people’s ‘to do’ list, it is arguably one of the most important financial products anyone can take out and one of the best ways to prepare for the worst-case scenario, leaving loved ones provided for financially.

We understand that talking about such matters can be frightening and daunting, that is why with our advice, you can be confident of making the right decisions based on your financial and family situation to best meet your personal needs.

The security and opportunity your wealth brings can be protected for generations, but there are many things to consider. So it’s worth bearing these points in mind:

The earlier you buy cover, the cheaper it will be 

The younger and healthier you are, the lower your premiums are likely to be. As you get older, you could be seen as a higher risk to insurers. Acting sooner rather than later means you will be able to lock in a lower premium for the duration of the cover.

Premiums are cheaper than you might think

It is a common misconception that cover is expensive; many people are surprised to learn that life insurance costs less than they had previously thought. The cost of protection insurance has fallen considerably over the past few years. Having protection in place for you and your family could help prevent financial hardship in the future.

Protection for your family’s lifestyle

Life cover represents more than just a lump sum payable on death. It is about providing the life that you would want your loved ones to have, protecting their home, paying off debts, seeing their futures cared for.

Tailoring cover to meet your needs

Life insurance is not a case of ‘one size fits all’. Your insurance needs will change throughout your life, for instance, when you buy a property, have a family, change jobs, or take on more debt. Often at times like these, it is worthwhile to regularly review the cover you have in place and ensure it is adequate.

How much cover do I need?

The amount will vary according to your lifestyle and your circumstances. You may want to protect your mortgage, cover household bills, or provide a lump sum so that your children have a good education. Protection policies can be tailored to your needs, and we can help you assess how much is right for you and your family circumstances. Contact us today for a free no-obligation review.

Policies with no investment link will have no cash in value at any time and will cease at the end of the term. If you stop paying premiums, your cover may end.

A critical illness policy may not cover all the definitions of a critical illness. For definitions, please refer to the key features and policy document.

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